About Salford Academy Trust

We are a small multi-academy trust comprising of 4 schools across the city of Salford. The trust originally started by the key partners of Salford City Council, Salford City College and the University of Salford, working collaboratively to invest in the children and young people across the city. It was intended that the trust would be a local provider with the aim of meeting the needs of children and young people across Salford. We currently serve almost 2500 children across the city across a wide range of context and cultures. We are committed to providing our children with an equality of opportunity, to provide them with an outstanding education so as to fulfil their aspirations. We believe in having the highest expectations across all that we and recognise that not only do our children have high aspirations but that they expect to achieve them.

The percentage of our students who are identified as disadvantaged is significantly higher than the national average, however we refuse to accept that this will pre-determine the outcomes that they achieve and therefore it remains our key priority across our schools to ensure we are doing everything possible to meet this challenge.

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