The Board of Trustees and our partners, Salford City College, Salford University and Salford City Council recognise the collective responsibility that we have for providing a good education, meeting the individual needs of our children and ultimately, for doing all that is necessary to create a successful future for all children attending a Salford Academy Trust school.

We have worked hard in recent months to redefine our vision and I firmly believe that our mission statement, to do all that is necessary to ensure that all children are safe, happy and successful is a reflection of this commitment and of our renewed priorities.

We have recognised the importance of establishing our true identity, to determine who and what we intend to be and as a result have clarified our current priorities.

Our new vision states that we will always put children first and that we will be a Trust that is shaped by our schools from within. Our vision and mission statement must therefore dictate our priorities and where previously, it was a considered, strategic approach to seek further expansion and growth within the Salford region the reality is that our first priority must be a commitment to school improvement.

This is an important step for the Trust and one that I feel is realistic and necessary. We must consolidate our position and make the best use of our resources with an emphasis on significantly improving outcomes.

We must share practice and expertise across the Trust and in doing so, shape our identity further by establishing what are the common threads which will run through all SAT schools, what elements will be standard good practice and what elements will autonomous to the school to best serve its own priorities.

The outcome of which, for the foreseeable future at least, will be that Salford Academy Trust will not expand further. I am committed to developing our infra-structure and to ensuring that we have the right model of governance in place to support our existing schools. I am equally committed to working in partnership, within and beyond Salford to ensure our schools are accessing the best possible support and opportunity.

This is a decision based on an integrity to always do what is right for the children that we serve. It is a decision which I believe will enable us to focus on the most important things and rapidly secure the improvements that our children deserve.

For our schools, this means that we must learn how to work more closely together and exploit the advantages of working in partnership. We must develop a strong identity and build a reputation for excellence and deliver on our mission that every child will be safe, happy and successful.