Our Academies

Salford City College, as the lead sponsor, working in partnership with Salford University and Salford City Council has created the Salford Academy Trust which seeks to provide a Salford solution for schools considering academy status. The Salford Academy Trust (SAT) became incorporated as a not-for-profit Trust in June 2012 and is an exciting new partnership of local key stakeholders working together to facilitate continued improvements in standards of attainment and achievement for children and their families in Salford.

Innovation: The Salford Academy Trust is first and foremost a partnership for innovation, committed to raising standards and celebrating success in every possible way. Our key aim as an academy sponsor is to assist individuals to realise their full potential and to take up opportunities resulting from the regeneration of the City.

Partnership: We are committed to working effectively with other partners, including the Salford Learning Partnership and Young Peoples Trust Board; these bodies, in conjunction with the Salford Academy Trust, provide a wealth of experience to draw upon.

Local Solutions: The Trust is committed to a policy of localism, with each academy encouraged to find the best possible solutions for its children, its community, its context. The Trust’s support is aimed at maximising the success of each academy, rather than seeking to impose a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach.

The Salford Academy Trust is currently sponsoring 4 Academies; two secondaries and two primary Academies within Greater Manchester. The Trust would consider sponsoring other academies within the region. Please contact us if you would like to discuss this further.

Albion Academy

“The Albion Academy is an exciting and busy place, where professionalism and hard work generate a vibrant and happy working environment. We are very proud of all our students and make sure we provide them with the highest standards of education and care. They represent a truly global community and form an 800-strong team with the potential to change lives for the better. Our parents are supportive and ambitious for their children and together we work to make The Albion Academy a place of inspiration, creativity and pride. We are also very proud of Salford, its communities and facilities; belonging to the Salford Academy Trust means recognising our local strengths and being a part of a community–wide collaboration that will create a fantastic set of opportunities for our young people’s futures.”

Karl Mackey, Principal

Marlborough Road

“Marlborough Road Academy – is a friendly, caring school with an exciting future. Parents, staff and pupils have high standards and expectations and work together to help everyone achieve their best. Through the Salford Academy Trust, we are able to provide our children and parents with training and opportunities to explore the wider world. We are all very proud of our school and its unique cultural and ethnic mix and the Academy and the Trust work together to realise individual ambition.”

Judith Richens, Principal

Dukesgate Academy

“Dukesgate Academy is a small and inclusive school which prides itself on the quality of care and support that it gives our pupils to ensure they achieve to the best of their ability. We are firmly committed to working within our community and actively look to promote these links.”

Jane Garner, Principal

Irlam & Cadishead College

Irlam and Cadishead College Logo

Irlam & Cadishead College is a rapidly improving academy. Our philosophy is that “It is better to create strong children, than to repair broken people” - as such we work in partnership with families to create a culture that promotes kind, courteous and self-confident young people that are comfortable in their skin. Children are at the heart of everything that we do. We strive to be the best in everything that we do. Learning is the most important thing that we do here for adults as well as children!

Frank McCarron, Executive Principal / Ms T. Holdsworth, Principal